Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This New Years, I think I'll just sit at home and twiddle my thumbs...

Well, I'm back from my 4 day torture with my parents and greater family family vacation, and I'm also back at work. For today. I had quite the interesting Christmas last week: celebrating 5 days early, having a brief encounter with the law (what says happy holidays like a citation from a police officer on christmas eve morning?), working the full 3 days at work when I only planned for 2, spending a mind-numbing 7 hours in the car with my parents - each way - down to florida and back, and getting shnockered on Christmas night. And I do mean shnockered. All in all I'd say it was a "meh" Christmas. Don't get me wrong, there were some really fun parts! Like going to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie (I could look at Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr for days without getting sick of it ::swoon::), spending time with my cousins (we're almost all of age now!), getting presents, eating amazing food and drinking some of Uncle Johns Medicine. But there were some really shitty parts too. Like the citation I mentioned earlier, the lack of sleep over the entire break (we had a zoo at our house on Christmas, literally), the rain in Florida and having to work yesterday and today.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So today's blog is going to be a tribute of some of my favorite Christmas videos. Tis the season right?
First, I gotta give a shout to Sophia. She posted this video on her blog and it cracked me up, so thank you! I don't know about you guys but 24 was probably one of my favorite shows for the first 4 or 5 seasons. Jack Bauer is so bad-ass. And I will always hate Nina Myers with every fiber of my being. When I see her in other movies and shows now I just can't get past that raging bitch of a character and I just want to wipe that little smirk right off her face and shake her until her brain bleeds. ok whoa, I need to calm it down a little there. She's just such a raging bitch and so manipulative! I got REALLY in to Season 1 of 24 if you can't tell. And if you haven't watched it, I highly suggest you ask for it for Christmas (which is only 2 days away!!!) and watch it from start to finish in one weekend. Totally worth it. Anyway, here's the first Christmas video that I'll share with you all. Enjoy!

Friday, December 18, 2009

A String of Random Thoughts...

-So the Office Christmas party was not-that-bad-but-thank-god-for-alcohol-and-i-got-to-take-home-a-poinsetta-plant-so-i-guess-it-was-ok. It wasn't the epic embarrassment that I thought it might be. I did have to sing but I wasn't the only one who got up there so I felt ok about it.

-If there was a female version of Barney Stinson, I think I'd like to be her. Why, you ask? What's so great about Barney Stinson? Well, my friends if you have to ask that question, you clearly haven't met Barney.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pre-lude to the Office Christmas Party

Ok, gotta make this short and sweet because my office christmas party is in t minus 2 hours and I still have loads of work to do. I can't decide how I feel about this year's office christmas party. Granted, it hasn't occurred yet so i'm sure I'll have some opinion of it by 6:00 tonight but let me just enlighten you on how the office christmas party has run in the past and why I'm a little frustrated about this afternoon. So back in 2007, when the economy was just headed for the shitter and not actually IN the shitter, I had been at my job for about 7 months when Christmas time came around. I was still getting to know everyone in the office and, while I was younger than everyone by about 15 years, I still felt like an adult and that I'd be able to relate to my co-workers on some level. After all, I had a boyfriend of a year and 3 months, I felt mature, I'd finished college and done an internship. I was a professional! A 20-something professional! Doing what I had gone to school for (which is more than I can say for a lot of my friends - not hating, just stating fact). So my boss Dan (from Back from My Business Trip fame) and his wife Dora (i know, so cute isn't it? Dan and Dora! don't you just want to eat them up?) Hosted an office Christmas party at their house. which is in a country club.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Attack of the Christmas Sweaters!!!!!

It's Friday in December so you know what that means: There's a Tacky Christmas Sweater party in every apartment complex in Buckhead and on every other street corner. And I, for one, am so excited! Tacky Christmas sweater parties are always fun. Last year I went to a friend's party and actually won 2nd place for the tackiest outfit. I wore one of my mother's (bless her heart) favorite red sweaters that has 3-d embroidered wreaths all over it, paired it with a black skirt, some knee high socks with bells on the top, my high black boots which I wrapped red and green tinsel around, and some snowflake ornaments for earrings. I also had my mom's Santa pin in the middle of her 3-d wreath sweater, a big red bow in my hair and finally a GIANT puffy red bow on my ass. I mean this thing was probably 18-20 inches wide. Found it at Wal-mart and I'm pretty sure it's supposed to go on your front door, but I decided to get creative and put it on my back door - HEY-OOHH!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Everywhere you go! And unfortunately I have no time to really enjoy it :( Bah Humbug! I have the busiest 2 weeks ahead of me and I have no clue when I'm going to find time to do my Christmas shopping. Yeah, I probably should have gotten most of that done on Black Friday (aka my favorite non-holiday day of the year), but I had 2 problems on that day: 1) I didn't have Christmas lists from anyone in my family except my brother and 2) I was selfishly shopping only for myself. So I guess the second one wasn't really a problem, more of just a fact. But when you don't have shopping lists for other people in your life, who else are you going to shop for on Black Friday except yourself?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tim Tebow cries...again

What a weekend! I feel like I say this a lot but last weekend was one of the best weekends ever! And I have to say I was somewhat surprised at how great it was. I was expecting this weekend to be mediocre at best - I mean after all, Florida and their golden boy were playing for the SEC championship, it was the first weekend without Georgia football on TV in while, and I had to move on Sunday so I wasn't expecting to have anything to write about. But boy was I pleasantly surprised at the turn-out of this weekend. I'll give you the short version. Florida lost (which is always a good thing), Tim Tebow CRIED like a little baby on national television!!! I got to spend some quality time with Jabes who's back from Spain, and (to put it mildly), I'm out of my rut! I won't go into detail about the last one there but let's just say that I got a little self-esteem boost this weekend. ;)

Friday, December 4, 2009

SEC Championship Drinking Game!

Happy Friday everyone!

God am I glad it's Friday. Even though I was out of the office for 1 and a half days this week, my work week still felt exhaustingly long...I'm so glad it's the weekend. Now as you probably know I am a bulldog fan through and through. Despite the lack-luster season we had this year I will always support my dawgs and I have to say that I'm really sad that I won't be cheering for my team this weekend for the SEC championship. Instead I have to watch 2 of my least favorite teams in the SEC go head to head this weekend and I honestly don't want to cheer for either side. However, I will watch the game because 1) I love the SEC, 2) I'm interested to see the outcome.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Back from my business trip...

So Tuesday afternoon I had the pleasure of heading north for a day and a half to meet with one of my clients for a 2010 Business Plan meeting. I know what you're thinking: "Oooo, what fun! You get to travel for your job! You must be so special and high-up in authority there - and to think you're only a 20-something! wow!!" But you'd be wrong. Normally I take a trip up north about once every 2-3 months for work, put in some face time with the client and my boss and I always find myself completely and utterly exhausted by the time I get home. I dont know what it is about these trips, whether its flying in a shoe-box, bearing the cold weather, or not getting enough sleep in my comfy hilton-garden-inn king size bed (oh yeah they put us up pretty well), but I always come back from this trip completely drained and feeling like I've been run over by a train 4 times.