Fun Facts

Name: Hot Mess
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Facts That May or May Not Shed Insight on the Type of Person I am
  • I love wearing high heels yet I am perfectly content with my natural average height of 5'4". I wear them because beauty is pain and they make my calves look sexy
  • I am very Irish and have the skin-tone and freckles to prove it
  • I was raised Baptist but currently "practice" at a non-denominational church
  • I'm madly in love with a GOOD Everything Bagel. Locally: Einstein's, Goldberg's, Bagel Palace. Other faves: Gramercy Park Hotel Rooftop in NYC (esp with lox)
  • I am a comedy lover. I love witty humor and can often quote good TV shows and movies that earn my adoration. Andy Samberg SNL digital shorts have my heart, as does How I Met Your Mother, The Office, and Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • I've never grown up with pets (thanks Mom!), but I secretly want to have a small dog when I can 1) afford it, and 2) make my own hours. I would hate to get a pet and never be home to take care of it. I think I want a Yorkshire Terrier, a Miniature Short-haired Dachsund, a Pomeranian or a Pug, or MAYBE a beagle, but that's pushing it on the size.
  • I am a food lover and one day would love to go to culinary school and open up my own bakery. Although I don't practice baking nearly enough, I do have the baking genes in my family. My Gran is one of the best cooks I know and luckily, I have inherited many a cook-book from her with family recipes. I also would love to be on Food Network Challenge and win one of their cake competitions but I'm well aware that getting THAT good at baking is going to take some hard work. One day...
  • I have been blessed with many amazing friends throughout my life. I am definitely an extrovert and I have a hard time turning down any evening that involves getting together with good friends.
  • I love love love LOVE music. I grew up singing since the wee age of 5 and have always enjoyed going to musicals, watching my friends' bands play and I enjoy just about every type of music that's out there on the radio over many many decades. I've been going to concerts since about the 7th grade and they range from Backstreet Boys to Ozzfest and everything in between. If it's got a melody and a good beat, I'm there.
  • I just recently finished my first half marathon and I am so pleased with the fact that I was able to complete such a feat! And at a decent time, nonetheless! I've always been, what my coaches would call, an "endurance runner" When all I wanted to do was the 100 meter dash in high school, I was placed in the 800 and mile races. I used to dread this fact but now, I'm rather pleased that I can "go the distance".
  • I absolutely HATE feet. I think feet are the most disgusting part of the human anatomy. Even people with "pretty" feet are gross. The only people who I let touch my feet are people at the nail salon and massage therapists. And if you think I'm going near yours, you'll be sadly mistaken.
  • I volunteer for, and am co-president of, a 501c3 non-profit called The Linus Foundation, Atlanta Chapter. We are a group of 20-something professionals who believe in helping underprivelaged children reach the full power of their potential. Specifically, the Atlanta chapter has partnered with The Atlanta Children's Shelter and has given them over $13,000 in the past 2 years. Specifically, our proceeds go towards the Early Childhood Care program at the shelter, providing the children with a NAYCE acredited education (which is the top 2% of education the state!) and we strive to give more and more every year. Another part of the Linus Atlanta initiative is to get young people involved in community service. My generation has sort of a bad rap when it comes to giving back to the community - we are known as a very self-involved generation and Linus is hoping to help change that mindset. We encourage people to support the Shelter with us in a fun and easy way.
Well, I think that about wraps it up for now. I hope you all enjoy the blog and hearing about the hot-mess that IS my life. For now, Ciao!

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