Monday, June 7, 2010

Everybooodddaaayy went to the concert

So I didn't really have time to update on Friday but let me just tell you...the BSB concert was absolutely phenom. Not only were our seats less than 10 feet from the stage, but Brian totally looked right at me, smiled and waved. And holy hell, like a fine wine, they seem to get better with age. Brian's son introduced them and he is just about the cutest kid ever. They sang the classics, sang some new stuff, each did a video placement and it was nothing short of magical. I went with 6 of my girlfriends and we had an absolutely amazing time. It was like middle school all over again. And you'd be surprised how many people were at the concert! I mean, Chastain was PACKED. I guess because everyone around my age is still as fond of them as they were back in 1998.

I know I've been on this 90s kick recently but I seriously can't seem to shake it. It's like everywhere I turn nostalgia smacks me in the face and I'm transported back to middle school. Not the best of times in my life (or probably anyone's life, for that matter), but sort of bittersweet nonetheless. Last night the MTV movie awards were on and as I drifted in and out of consciousness to watch them (thanks to Saturday's festivities), I was reminded that MTV was like the coolest thing ever to watch in middle school. I'm pretty sure I had dreams about it too...

The Real World was still a decent show, (Courtesy of

Daria's humor was something I was just on the cusp of truly understanding (maybe I have her to thank for my appreciation for sarcasm), (Courtesy of

the middle school boys were all obsessed with Beavis and Butthead (Courtesy of

and Jenny McCarthy was everywhere you turned (courtesy of Pretty sure she did a Skechers ad too but I couldn't find the one I'm thinking of. There was also Hard Candy nail color and Steve Madden ads where the models looked like dolls with heads that were WAY too large for their bodies. You might say I read a lot of magazines at that age. And the ads definitely stuck with me for some reason. Maybe I've missed my calling.  

Then there's Britney - she looks terrible on this cover btw. Eww.

Another unavoidable celeb - does anyone else remember how much drama this Rolling Stone cover stirred up? Everyone thought RS was pushing the envelope just a little too far. And i think it's hilarious there's a teletubbie in her arm. Bahahaha.

I remember reading countless magazines and trying to determine whether to love or hate Britney Spears because she was the IT girl at the time -- and while I kind of wanted to be her, I really didn't think she could sing that well so she bothered me.

And of course, my obsession with the Backstreet Boys had just begun (as previously noted) and I was at a new school, desperate to fit in. I remember Erin calling me and being like "omg if you dont go buy the newest Rolling Stone magazine RIGHT now you will forever hate yourself." So i did. Naturally. (photo courtesy of

And does anyone remember The Box? I specifically remember seeing "Baby One More Time" (B Spears), "I want it that way" (BSB, of course), "No no no" (Destiny's Child - ORIGINAL) and "Inside Out" (Eve 6) played repeatedly on Channel 13, before MTV bought it and turned it into MTV2. Oh the days. If you don't remember The Box, it was a 24 hour music video channel. Because MTV was no longer simply Music Television, The Box was a channel that simply showed up one day on the TV Guide and it was my source for all things music. I remember watching 5ive's "Baby when the lights go out" and Sugar Ray's "I just wanna fly". And I remember trying to learn dance movies Britney and Christina. And then one day it disappeared. And I had no idea what happened but boy was that a sad day. Because my parents didn't pay for any special channels and MTV2 was only available if you paid extra or something.

Well, this has been a nice trip down memory lane. Hope you enjoyed the nostalgia as much as I did. Bittersweet middle school pop culture memories.  Happy Monday kids.


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