Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's been a New York Minute

You: Where the hell have you been? It's been months. You didn't call, you didn't write. You could have been lying dead in a gutter somewhere and I wouldn't have known!
Me: I know. I'm sorry. I could give you some made up excuse for my lack of communication, but what's the use at this point? I know my actions cannot be forgiven.

You: Damn right! I was worried! And frankly, there's nothing you can say or do at this point to make up for it!
Me: Nothing?
You: Nothing.
Me: Not even...
You: And don't think for a second that flowers and sexual favors will get you anywhere with me. We're done.
Me: But what if I do that one thing you know...
You: Not even that!
Me: Are you know how much you like it...and truth be told, I've been practicing my skills while I was away
You: Well...
Me: Come on! I'll make it worth your while
You: Oh alright, I suppose that maybe, I could possibly forgive your absence if you do that one thing I long as I get to be the little spoon afterwards.
Me: Done and done! And I promise - this is a new chapter of our lives - one that you'll definitely want to be a part of. One that I want to be a part of. And one that neither of us will ever forget...


There you have it kids. I'm back to blogging. Forgive the sexual innuendos above - it's my quirky little way of getting back in your good graces for being absent for so long. As is the case with exes, when you haven't seen each other in a few months, things are bound to have changed for the parties involved. It's been 4 months since we've last seen each other and I can't wait to catch up with you on what's changed in my life.

To recap - when we last left off, I was in a glass case of emotion, though I might not have worn it on my blog. I was unemployed, turning 26, barely affording rent, watching way too many re-runs of SatC and OTH and ultimately a pathetic shell of a person. I had my friends and my family, but that was about it. And it remained that way until about mid-August, when my luck began to change.

When you become unemployed, most people view it as a failure. But as they say, when one door closes, a window opens - and after a couple months of wallowing in self-pity, I eventually found the open window. I took a trip to New York in early August and it ended up yielding a new job opportunity. When the opportunity actually knocked with an offer, I had a week to pack up my life and move to The Big Apple to work for a REAL ad agency. And to make a long story short - it's probably the best career move I've ever made. Don't get me wrong, it's tough work, but the challenge is what I love about it. I've spent many a week night at the office til 9 or 10pm and I actually haven't resented my employer or my team for it. Sure, I would probably rather be socializing w/ friends or winding down at home, but when you love your job, it makes the long hours seem tolerable.

And believe it or not, I've been able to develop some semblance of a social life up here and honestly NYC feels like a good fit. Don't get me wrong, I do miss my friends and family who are down in Atlanta, but I think this change was long overdue. I actually feel like my work means something, and I'm not just paying the bills. Such a change from my previous job. So that's the long and short of it. I'm so excited to begin blogging again and record the hilarious and awkward events of my life up here in New York. I've already racked up a few great stories that I'll be sharing with you in the near future regarding dating life so be looking for those in the coming weeks.

I think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship....

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